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How To Make Your Favorite Superhero Show Up At Your Party


Update 7/2/13: The Avengers Cardboard Standup collection will discontinue on Wednesday, July 24th.  Please place your orders for any of these by this date.  Avengers Assemble collection will be replacing it.

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You see your favorite superheroes in movies, comic books, video games, tv shows but what if you could get one to appear at your next party?  Most of us don't have a boat load of money to pay Robert Downey Jr to dress up as Iron Man or Christian Bale as Batman. 

Consider a more economical and practical solution: superhero cardboard standups.  Purchasing one of these free-standing superheroes will make them the life of your party, creating conversations over how The Dark Knight Rises ends, what you liked about Iron Man 3.  You can even assemble all the Avengers (groan) with easy instructions provided.

A creative use for a superhero cardboard standup is make it into a giant greeting card that all of your party guests can sign. 

And they're not just for parties. They look great at other superhero-themed events: bar mitzvahs, graduations, birthdays and weddings.  Wouldn't it be cool to see Iron Patriot welcome guests at your superhero-themed wedding reception.

After the party or instead of one, why not get one for your dorm room, fraternity, medical waiting room, creative professional work space or apartment living room.  

These cardboard standups are licensed and are made on heavy cardboard.  They're printed at a manufacturing company that uses the world's largest and fastest digital UV flatbed printer (MPress Tiger).  Take a look at how one is made

When you purchase a cardboard standup, it includes a protective edging around the standup that is perforated and can be punched out when assembling.

They take 3-5 days to ship with FedEx.

Check back with our collection of superhero cardboard standups.  We will have over 50 available for sale.


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