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Simply Superhero News For The Week Ending 3/29/13



There were a lot of videos released this week beginning with The Wolverine (to be released July 26th).  At first, the director released a 6-second video from as a quick teaser to the trailer (I'm not kidding!).  Then came a 20 second version the following day, followed by the full trailer which you can view below:



Promotions for Iron Man 3 were busy this week as well in the form of TV spots:

The official video game trailer (which will be release April 25th):


 Marvel also released images of armor suits that will appear in Iron Man 3 including this one:

 And lastly, a hilarious fan-made mash-up of Iron Man 3 audio to the Toy Story trilogy (aka Iron Story):

In gaming news, there will be a MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) for Marvel Heroes for free that will be released on June 4th.

Speaking of releases, the delayed release for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One - Avengers Assemble, the 10-disc blu-ray set of Marvel superhero movies leading up to The Avengers will finally be released on Tuesday.  

You can see more photos at this link.  The MSRP for this boxed set is $219 but Amazon already has it down to $149.49 while at Target it's the same price but you can bring it down with a Target credit card by 5% for about $142 (plus free shipping). 

In casting news, Robert Redford has been cast to play a role in Captain America: Winter Soldier.  This was a rumor last weekend and, luckily, it turned out to be true.  Also, UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre (aka Batroc the Leaper) has been added to the cast.  And if you happen to live in the Cleveland area, there's a demand for extras for this movie.

Actor B.J. Novak from The Office has joined the Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Here's an image of him in character on the set of this film:

Here's the latest tweeted photo taken from Marc Webb, director of Amazing Spider-Man 2 called The Armory (which we think has something to do with the huge production studio in Brooklyn that has the same name).

Marvel announced Stan Lee will be featured in a trilogy of animated movies that will be broadcast on television called Mighty 7You can read about it here.

In Batman news, merchandise from the 1966 Batman television series is beginning to roll out.  In LA, Junk Food and DC Comics unveiled a new apparel line from the tv series.  Adam West made an appearance as did Sports Illustrated supermodel Katherine Webb, wearing one of these shirts:


This summer, look for toys, a new comic book series and a wall calendar for next year (which we will offer beginning in August). We will be revealing other merchandise from this show when we get the green light from Warner Bros. Consumer Products (such as costumes).

Since Superman is going to be 75 in June, the LA Times has posted a quiz to test your knowledge about the Man Of Steel.  Let us know how you do.  (We admit we got a few wrong) And you can check out 75 archival Superman images from the LA Times.

In other DC news, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros are teaming up to make a documentary on DC Comics villains.  It will be narrated by long-time baddie actor Christopher Lee and will begin production this weekend by interviewing fans at the DC Comics booth at Wonder Con.

The automobile maker Kia released images of a new Sportage model with a Wonder Woman design:

You can see more images of this car by clicking here.

Our favorite t-shirt offered this past week came from  It's a picture of the Joker from the recent Batman comic book story Death In The Family by Scott Snyder called Gotham Horror.  It was sold yesterday for $11:

This week we blogged about a free Super Hero Squad coloring page to print out as well as How To Make Your Favorite Superhero To Show Up At Your Party.


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