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Free Batman And Robin Coloring Page To Print


When your young Batman fan is bored in a medical waiting room, give him (or her) this awesome Batman activity book that includes over 30 stickers.  At home, help your child cut out the door hanger from the back cover.  There are loads of activities in these 32 pages that are perforated (so you can easily tear out the pages to hang on your refrigerator with one of our magnets).  

Activities include connect-the-dots, mazes, word searches, puzzles and--of course--coloring pages.  Some of these activities encourage imagination such as Draw A Picture.  On the top of the page the instructions read A new villain is on a crime spree in Gotham City. Draw a picture of what you think the villain would look like.

Here's a coloring page you can print out featuring by clicking on the image.  It's a pdf file so you can print it out to see what we're talking about.


Like our other coloring page blog posts, we are giving away a copy of this book to the first person with a US mailing address who puts a comment on this blog post.  Please provide your email address in your comment so we can contact you.  

Let us know what other superheroes you would like us to offer free as print-outs.

Make sure to check back for more free superhero coloring book page printouts.


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