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Simply Superheroes Blog – 2009 New York Comic Con

The 2009 New York Comic Con(vention) started today at Jacob Javits center in Manhattan. Scattered within the crowds of people that began pouring in at 1pm were those dressed-up for the event. There were superheroes, Star Wars characters and some we couldn’t figure out who they were portraying (see blue-headed guy in the above photo slideshow).

We had “professional” status at the show and were given the chance to explore the convention hours before it opened to the general public. Many people had this status. Enough to create a giant line just to get your badge.

A good word to describe those who attended: enthusiastic. The lines were solid for artists who would sketched, for artists who signed autographs, for sneak-peek previews of upcoming video games, for getting a chance to pose as a superhero thanks to a computer software program, and for new products that were being introduced.

We met wholesale companies and small comic-book dealers, artists and fellow NJ business-owners. We learned there’s a lot more to the NY Comic Con than superheroes even though they were ubiquitous. There were small press companies, film production companies, plush dolls companies and gaming companies to name a few.

There were a few vendors who turned our heads. One was the Museum of Comic And Cartoon Art (MoCCA). We were not aware of their existence for the past 8 years in Manhattan and the deserve to be added to our recommended links section.

Another interesting vendor was selling t-shirts that we have never seen before. They are designed by tatoo artists. See for yourself at

If you have small children, you may ask yourself whether or not this convention is suitable for them. We recommend keeping them at home until they are a little older (at least 8 or 9). The convention can be overwhelming and over-stimulating.

The higlight of the show for us was sitting down with to promote on their podcast. They were kind enough to let us talk about this website and what makes it unique. We will post when it becomes available.

I will finish this post with a review of a panel discussion at NYCC about the cartoon Batman: The Brave and The Bold which you can read here

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