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Wonder Woman DVD Movie Promo Gets Web 2.0

Embark on a journey of untold beauty, grace and strength as Princess Diana uses her remarkable gifts and evolves into Wonder Woman, the world’s most renowned female super hero. On the mystical island of Themyscira, a proud strong warrior race of Amazon women live in a Utopian civilization shielded from the corrupt world of man. But a betrayal within the Amazon sisterhood leads to the escape of Ares, the God of War, and Amazon Princess Diana must capture him before he unleashes global chaos and destruction. With the aid of cocky fighter pilot Steve Trevor, Diana tracks Ares to the United States for a battle unlike any humankind has ever faced.

Kudos to DC Comics and Warner Bros. for sending a promotional email for the upcoming DVD movie of Wonder Woman that includes links to social media websites myspace facebook and twitter

Also in the email there is a sweepstakes to be drawn into an upcoming Wonder Woman comic issue. In addition the winner will receive all of the original artwork to this comic issue and 50 copies of the issue.

The Wonder Woman DVD Movie is scheduled to be released on 3/3/09.

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