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New Arrivals: Night Lights and Magnets and Mouse Pads (Oh My!)

We just listed 13 new products for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman:

Night Lights – This comes with a light bulb and is light-sensitive so you don’t have to turn it on or off. The Batman night light or “nite lite” is shown above. They will look awesome for the superhero fan who does not want to sleep in the dark. Available for Superman and Wonderwoman as well and priced at $8.99.

Computer Mouse Pads – The Wonder Woman mouse pad is shown above. They’re thick and ready to go to work if you use a roller-ball mouse. Great for a kids’ computer. Also available for Superman and Batman and priced at $8.99. Our favorite is the Superman action pose.

Refrigerator Magnets – We couldn’t resist getting these for their beautiful graphics. Our favorite is the Wonder Woman Changing magnet. They look great on refrigerators or any flat metal surface in the bedroom. Our son keeps his magnets on the front of his radiator cover. We offer two Superman magnets (including the one above), two Batman and three Wonder Woman. They are priced at $3.99 each.

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