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Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Merchandise


Splat! Ooooff! Zonk! Eee-Yow!  

These sound effect words (onomatopoeia) may not mean much to younger generations of Batman fans but for those who remember watching the original series or reruns of the Dynamic Duo after school each day, these words (mixed with jazzy high notes) were a battle cry for wanting to be them, to help them defeat the bad guys.   

If these words don't summon the superhero in you from your childhood, then how about how about these: To The Batmobile. Right after Batman would say this to Robin, the music would cue in and the Dynamic Duo would be off to solve a mystery, get the bad guys or save someone's life.  It was that adrenalin moment for us kids who sat in our living room until commercials interrupted our trance-like state of awe.

So what happened to this show?  With the invention of VCRs (and later DVDs), popular television shows with endless reruns in syndication disappeared. They ended up at Tower Records or Blockbuster as collections by the season or by the series.  

But this show never made that transformation.  Why? Combine the royalties requirements for the oodles of guest star appearances (and their estates of these stars who have passed away) and the battle for legal ownership between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., you won't see this show in video stores any time soon.  Aside from the movie between the first and second seasons, this show still remains a collective memory to millions of aging Batman fans.    

About a year ago, a miracle happened.  20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. agreed to terms for licensed merchandise for the show.  The merchandise has been rolling out all year.  We're already sold out of the 2014 calendar and we now offer an awesome collection of t-shirts that feature the Dynamic Duo, the show's logos, the cartoon from the opening, the sound effects and the villains.  




We offer these shirts from toddler to adult sizes.  And if you find a shirt that does not have the size you want, just let us know and we'll take care of it for you.  

We also have Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads of Batman, Robin, The Joker (with his mustache accurately painted over) and Catwoman.

We're quite excited to offer these products and hope you will be too.



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