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What is Simply Superheroes?

We are a superhero shopping website for everyone--the whole family--from newborns to grandparents. 

We know if we could watch you shop on our website, we would see you smile.  Why?  Because Superheroes are fun.  They're fun to identify with, fun for dressing up, fun to see on TV, at the movies, and they're fun to read

Since 2008, Simply Superheroes has been selling licensed products of all of your favorite superheroes: Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Super Hero Squad, Avengers, Marvel Superheroes, Green Lantern, Captain America, The Flash, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Aquaman, Punisher, Robin, Batgirl, Supergirl as well as Star Wars and Transformers. 

On our website you'll find clothing, accessories, home and office products, furniture, wall art, DVDs, party supplies, costumes, school supplies, jewelry and a lot of gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.  

You may find some of our products on other websites but we're convinced you'll save time by doing all of your superhero shopping on our website.  And we'll save you money because we offer free shipping in the contiguous United States.

Besides over 2500 products, Simply Superheroes offers a library of over 400 episodes of favorite superhero television shows and movie trailers.  We also have a page we call fun stuff for kids where they can watch fun superhero videos, play online superhero video games and print out coloring and connect-the-dot superhero pages.

Our mission is to make it easy and fun for you to shop for your favorite superheroes and to provide you with superhero customer service.  The Better Business Bureau has given us the highest ranking grade (A+) and we expect to stay this way. 




About Derek Bacharach (Owner)

When I was 3 years old, I wanted to be Superman.  All day long I would wear my Superman outfit (read pajamas) which included a soft towel tied around my neck, and pretend I had the Man of Steel's powers.  Then I discovered Batman.  I watched countless reruns of the 1960s television series and dressed as the Caped Crusader on Halloween for years to come.  

From running this website and meeting so many fans of superheroes in person at Comic Cons, I've noticed that all superhero fans have something in common: their passion for the superheroes they like. So having this website available for you to fuel your passion and to fuel your children's superhero passion is an honor. 

As a Dad, I've been lucky to see my son take a superhero path of his own (Spider-Man then Batman and most recently, Star Wars), and to see him enjoy pretending he too had superpowers the way I did.  And now, my daughter is appreciating superheroes in her own way.  She loves dressing up as the Dark Knight and Superman.

I'm a graduate of Penn State and Columbia University, worked 6 years in social services followed by 10 years in pharmaceutical research.  I'm happily married, have 2 wonderfully rambunctious kids and a dog named after a clone trooper.  We live outside Gotham City in suburban NJ.

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