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The Creation of BatmanPart 1 Part 2 Part 3

Book: The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual by Scott Beatty

How To Build Your Own Batman Costume
Batman is the everyman superhero. He doesn’t have superpowers, just the strength of his inventions and his own wit and intelligence. If you want to impress everyone this Halloween, build your own Batman costume. You’ll be the toast of your own Gotham City.

Stumbling Towards Greatness: A Batman [Video Game] Retrospective

How To Throw A Batman Themed Party
For decades, Batman has embedded into American culture. From comic books to television, and even several big screen movies, Batman’s popularity has continued to grow throughout the years. Children love themed birthday parties, and a Batman themed party may be just right for your own little superhero.
How To Select Batman Action Figures
Get to know the Batman characters. From the Dark Knight himself to the Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and even Robin, there are plenty of action figure possibilities for you to select.
How To Make A Batman Utility Belt
One of the most identifiable parts of Batman’s costume is his signature utility belt. Batman’s utility belt holds most of the bat gadgets that help him fight crime. Remember, Batman does not have superpowers, just super inventions. If you are making a Batman costume for yourself or your child this Halloween, a utility belt is essential.
How To Catch Up On Batman Comics
Batman is one of the most favored and recognized comic books in the world. When Batman first came into recognition, it was through the comic book series, but nowadays, Batman is known through books, magazines, movies and many television series. Catching up on Batman Comics is done by looking for the Batman comic book archives, which will be discussed here.
How To Host A Kids’ Birthday Party With A Justice League Theme
Kids just love superheroes – and when it comes to superheroes, you can’t get any more super than the Justice League. This group of heroes includes all-time favorites Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, aka “the big three”. The version made familiar by the recent TV series starts out with a core group that also includes the Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, The Flash and Martian Manhunter, but eventually expands to include just about every hero in the DC Universe.
How To Create Your Own Batman Bat Signal
Whenever Gotham City is under seige, Commissioner Gordon shines the bat signal up into the sky to summon Batman’s help. Now you can create your own at home as a fun arts and crafts project for the kids.
How To Create A Paper-Mache Batman Mask
Batman has been popular for years, featured in comic books, television shows and movies like “The Dark Knight.” Tons of Batman merchandise has been marketed, and you can find almost anything depicting his logo. But if you want to get away from the more commercial route, than you can actually create a Batman mask of your own using papier mache.

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