Birthday E-Card Privacy Policy

Simply Superheroes (Derek Bacharach, 64 South Pierson Road, Maplewood, NJ 07040, collects the following information for the birthday e-card: the child’s first name, the child’s birthday (month and day) and the child’s favorite superhero from a drop-down list.

This information is collected from the child’s parent/family member/friend who can provide this information as well as an email address from which the child can view the birthday e-card.

The information about the child is stored securely on a third-party vendor website ( that is only accessible by Derek Bacharach and is only used for the free birthday e-card offer. The vendor does not use this information. The vendor has agreed to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information that is submitted on the form. The vendor provides the following services for stores the child’s information in their secure database, creates and sends the birthday e-card to the email address provided on the birthday of the child.

After the form has been completed, the person submitting the form will receive a confirmation that will be sent to the email address listed on the form. The confirmation will be a web page on the vendor’s website that will include instructions on how to delete the child’s information. This information can be deleted at any time.

No other information about the child will be requested other than the required information on the birthday e-card form that is posted on this website.

For any inquiries regarding this specific privacy policy, please contact or 973-902-7093

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