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1. Get $15 off your next order by participating on our facebook page.  Each month we will randomly pick one of our fans on facebook who either commented or liked/disliked something we posted in the past month.

2. Get $25 off your next order simply by making a purchase on our website. Each month we will randomly pick one of our customers who made a purchase that month.  For example a customer will be randomly picked on March 1st who made a purchase during the month of February.

3. Get $5 off your next order by sending us a photo of you with our product.  After you make a purchase at, send us by email a photo of you holding, wearing or enjoying the product you purchased from
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If the product is intended for someone else, that person can pose with the product instead of you. 

Email us at and include your purchase order number. 

(Limit is one $5 discount per order up to a maximum of 3 orders per customer.)

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