I placed my order with you a few days ago.  How come I haven't received an order (or shipping) confirmation email?

If you email server is either Yahoo, Hot Mail or AOL, it is likely that our email was directed towards your junk/spam/bulk folder.  Unfortunately we have no control over these mail servers.  They decide what to do with our emails.

Is your website safe for making purchases?

Absolutely. Our website host provider uses Equifax’s secure socket layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption technology to secure all data to and from the site.

Do you accept credit cards for payment at checkout?

Yes, we do. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Do you accept credit card orders by phone?

Yes, we do. Call 1-800-867-7753 EST.

I wanted to place my order with you through paypal but I got an error message from paypal that my order could not go through. Can you help me?

Of course.  We can take your order by phone.  Please keep in mind we do not have control over paypal. If their website is down, please be patient and try placing your order later. If you had placed an order of multiple items when this occurred the best we can do (by request) is send you a link that will take you right back to your order page to save you shopping time.

I do not have a Paypal or a Google Checkout account. Which is easier to set up?

From customer feedback who have tried both, Google Checkout was noted to be easier. Please contact us if you have any difficulty with opening a Google Checkout account.

How can I be sure you have what I want in stock?

When we exhaust our inventory of a product, you will see on the product page “this product is temporarily unavailable.” We have carefully inventoried all of our products so we will know when we are low in inventory of a particular product and when it sells out. If there is a product that is temporarily unavailable that you would like to purchase, please contact us.

Can I get a kids-sized shirt in a Men's XL?

No problem!  Simply email us to see if this can be done since some shirts are not available in men's sizes.  If you're in luck, we will make your size available for purchase on the shirt product page on our website.  After you pre-order the shirt whether online or by phone, we will order the shirt size you requested from our supplier.  Please note: the time between ordering your shirt and receiving it from our supplier can take 7-10 days. 

 I’m trying to find a t-shirt for my friend’s 6 year-old boy as a surprise. I don’t know much about how kids sizes work. Do you have any recommendations?

At earlier ages, sizes almost always correspond to a child’s age: 2T for a 2-year old, 4T for a four-year old. But since kids grow differently, this doesn’t match up all the time. Is the child tall for his age? You may want to consider a size Medium Youth rather than Small. Also, you may want to get the shirt one size larger so he can grow into the shirt. Email us at support@simplysuperheroes.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Why is my paypal payment made to “No Brainer Bargains, LLC” rather than your website name?

No Brainer Bargains, LLC is the business name for our company.

Do you charge sales tax?

Only for non-clothing items if your billing address is in the state of New Jersey.

At Checkout, why does Free Shipping take 8-12 business days?

It can take up to this long for delivery if we use FedEx Smartpost.  FedEx collaborates with the USPS.  We use this shipping solution when the following are met:

  1. The total weight of the shipment is over 1 pound
  2. The shipping destination is not in our shipping zone
  3. The items purchased are too big for the USPS flat-rate padded envelope (approximately 9" X 12" x 3")

However, if you have chosen free shipping and the items purchased can fit in the flat-rate padded envelope, we will ship your order at the priority mail rate unless you specify you prefer a different shipping option (ie, FedEx).

Why do you have more of a selection for one superhero compared to other superheroes?

Suppliers often have more available based on what’s in demand. At this time, for example, Batman has the widest variety of merchandise based on the lasting success of Batman’s recent movies.

Do you ship to any other countries besides the United States?

Yes. We ship to over 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad, United Kingdom and The Virgin Islands. 

I live outside the United States.  How long does it take to ship to my country?

If you choose USPS First Class International, expect anywhere between 3-5 weeks depending on how far you are from the US and how long it takes for your shipment to clear your country's customs.  

If you choose USPS Priority Mail International, expect anywhere between 6-10 business days minimum.  Shipments can be delayed if they are held up in your country's customs.  

We highly recommend tracking your shipment with the customs tracking number we provide in the shipping confirmation email we send for every order.  If you did not receive one and it has been more than 3 days since you placed your order, please check the spam/bulk/junk folder of the email address you provided with your order.  If our email is not there, please contact us at support@simplysuperheroes.com and someone will get back to you.

For some countries, we provide the option of Federal Express shipping options for faster delivery.

Why don’t you put the hyphen in the name “Spider-Man” the way it’s supposed to be?

We did but after doing research on search engine keywords, the keyword Spiderman was used a gazillion times more than Spider-Man. With all due respect to this superhero’s hyphen in his name, we opted to go with what brings more people to our website.

I am looking for a t-shirt of a particular superhero you don’t carry. Will you be expanding to more superheroes?

We’re sorry we do not carry what you are looking for. Please tell us which superhero you would like to see on our website and we will see if our suppliers offer the t-shirt of this superhero.  And yes, we are expanding to more superheroes.

What is your policy if one of the items I ordered doesn’t work or is defective?

Please email us (support@simplysuperheroes.com) so we can assess whether or not the item is defective. If the item is defective you will choose whether to be refunded or be given store credit.  To expedite the process, we may request you take a digital photograph of the product so we can assess whether it is defective.  This will also help because it speeds up the process of receiving a free replacement from the manufacturer or a refund, depending on which you would prefer.

I received my package but it looks damaged. What is your policy for damaged goods?

Please email us (support@simplysuperheroes.com) if this happens to you. It’s best to refuse the shipment (so don’t open the box!). Let us know by email and we can discuss a replacement.

What is your return policy for clothing?

To accept an item of clothing, it has to be returned unused within 7 calendar days of receiving the clothing item. For example, if a set of pajamas has tags the pajamas will be accepted if the tags are still intact and the pajamas appear to be in new condition.

Clothing will not be accepted if they have been used or worn.

It is important to email us if you are planning to return an item of clothing that you had ordered from us.

What is your exchange policy for apparel?

If you wish to make an exchange for a different size or an entirely different t-shirt or apparel item, please email us in advance to discuss which shirt you would like in the exchange to make sure it is available.

There is a re-shipping fee to send the customer the exchanged apparel, depending on their location:

United States - $5.00
Canada - $6.00
Mexico - $6.00
Other countries not mentioned here - $7.00
Japan - $8.00
Australia - $9.00  

The customer will be notified of this fee when discussing the process of the exchange.  The fee will be collected before the exchange is made.  The customer will return original apparel item to be exchanged at the customer's own expense.

What is your return policy for non-clothing items?

For a return, exchange or refund to be honored, please notify us at support@simplysuperheroes.com within 7 calendar days from when you received your order. Otherwise, the return or exchange will not be honored.

We will only grant a full refund if an item is received in the same condition that it had been shipped.

Store credit will be issued if an item is returned that is not in the same condition that it had been shipped (i.e., opened package that had been shipped factory sealed).

Value of store credit will be determined by condition of item returned at the discretion of SimplySuperheroes.com.

Any change to this policy will be updated in this FAQ section.

What happens if I gave you the wrong shipping address?

Please notify us as soon as you realize this so it can be corrected.  Otherwise if we already shipped your order and it is returned to us, there is a $10 re-shipping fee in the US, $15 re-shipping fee in Canada, and $20 re-shipping fee if overseas.  

After payment is made for this fee, we will re-send to the corrected shipping address.

If payment is not made or refused by customer, we will refund you for your purchase minus any shipping charge applied to the original purchase.

We welcome your questions and comments:


1-800-867-7753 EST