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Free Superhero Video Games | Simply Superheroes

Batman Game – Dynamic Double Team
Batman & Blue Beetle battle Kanjar Ro’s space pirates to save an entire planet!

Batman Game – The Cobblebot Caper

Batman Game – Ice Cold Getaway
Mr. Freeze has stolen a priceless collection of diamonds from Gotham Museum. After him!

Batman Game – Batman Versus Mr. Freeze
Help Batman stop Mr. Freeze from taking control of Gotham City!

Batman Game – Mystery Of Batwoman
Fight your way through Penguin’s henchmen and save Batwoman before it’s too late

Batman Dress Up
Bruce Wayne is in his underwear! Use your mouse to dress him in different Batman costumes, choose which Batmobile he will drive and background – great for younger Batman fans

Superman Returns Game

Superman Returns Game – Stop! Press!
Take a picture of Superman by using your mouse to aim and click to take a picture. You will get extra points if you get a close-up, so use your 2b – keys to zoom in and out.

Superman Game – Metropolis Defender

Spider-Man Game – Dark Side

Iron Man Game – Flight Test

Iron Man Game – Mark 3 Suit Test

Iron Man Dress Up
Use your mouse to dress up Tony Stark in different Iron Man armor – great for younger Iron Man fans

Incredible Hulk Game – Smash Up

Wolverine Game

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