Gift Registry Information

Gift Registry Information | Simply Superheroes

We can create a gift registry to make it easier for those who will be shopping for your birthday child.

Here’s what you do:

1. Add all items into the shopping cart that your birthday child would like as gifts.
2. Complete both pages of checkout without paying for the order.
3. Leave checkout and notify us requesting a gift registry and providing us
with the name of the birthday child.

Here’s what we will do:

1. From your email, we will access your unpaid shopping cart and will create the gift list.
2. We will create a page on our website for this list with links to each product for shoppers’ convenience.
3. We will place a link on the left side of our home page in reference to the gift list (“Click Here For Johnny’s Party”)
4. We will notify you by email when the gift registry is ready, and we will provide a checkout code for the registry as well as a direct link to the registry that you can send out.

Whenever an item is purchased from the registry, we will remove the item from the registry so it is not purchased
a second time.

We welcome your questions and comments:

1-800-867-7753 EST