Superhero Sell-Off

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What is Superhero Sell-Off?

It is one superhero product sold on that will be discounted for 24 hours or it will be a product never offered before on the website at a discounted price. 

When does Superhero Sell-Off occur?

Every Monday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM EST. 

Where will I find the Superhero Sell-Off product on your website?

It will be on the homepage on Mondays.

Can the product being offered sell-out?

This can happen. But if it doesn't, the product will be available until 11:59 PM EST on that Monday. 

Can I buy other items on the website along with the Superhero Sell-Off product?

Absolutely. Take advantage of our free shipping in the US offer if your order is $50 or more.

Do you have a facebook page or Twitter account that makes the announcement on Mondays?

Yes.  We post the announcement on our facebook page and Twitter account which is @superherosale

Can I be notified by email what will be the Superhero Sell-Off product each week?

Of course. You can sign up below and if you want to, you can also sign up for our general newsletter that covers new product announcements and the latest news about superheroes...and don't worry, we will not use your name or email for anything else.

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