Our wholesale program is designed for businesses for re-sale and for individuals who want to buy in bulk.

We offer many products for wholesale purchase such as t-shirts, party supplies and books.

We do not provide samples before ordering.

Our wholesale program is different than purchasing on our website in the following ways:

  • Minimum purchase order is $150 (after wholesale discount)
  • Ordering is not done through the website
  • Wholesale buyer pays for actual USPS shipping rates*
  • Payment is made via Paypal twice - 50% of total purchase and 50% of balance of purchase + actual shipping. (You can pay by Paypal even without a Paypal account by using a major credit card)
  • The more you purchase, the better the discount

Ordering Process:

  1. Email us (support@simplysuperheroes.com ) your wishlist with the subject line Wholesale Request. (Please note: some of our products are not available in bulk.  Rather than indicate on every product page which is available for wholesale, it's a lot easier if you write which products you want)
  2. In the email, please provide us your contact information and shipping address.  If you have a Fed Ex account number, please let us know if you do.
  3. Also in the email, please provide date when you need your order.
  4. We will review your wishlist and will let you know what is available and pricing via email.
  5. An invoice will be emailed via Paypal for payment

Minimum Product Quanitities:

T-Shirts: 12

Activity Books: 24

Party Supply product: 6

All other products are subject to review for approval.

*If you live outside the United States, you can determine the USPS rate for your country by going to the United States Postal Service website's Postal Price Calculator page and select your country on the page where you can get an estimate for shipping. If you order is over 4 U.S. Pounds, the lowest rate will be Priority Mail International. Try entering 5 pounds, 10 pounds and then 15 pounds in the calculator to get an idea how much shipping may cost you.


We welcome your questions and comments:


1-800-867-7753 EST