Win An Iron Man Armored Adventures DVD Boxed Set On Twitter!

If you are from the UK and like Iron Man: Armored Adventures, you don’t want to miss this contest.

Simply Superheroes is giving away 2 DVD Boxed Sets of Iron Man: Armored Adventures! They will be available for sale on April 19th. We will be holding our Twitter contest on Tuesday, April 13 at 3PM EST and Thursday, April 15 at 3PM EST.

The contest is simple: we will tweet an easy trivia question on Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM EST about Iron Man: Armored Adventures and the first person who tweets back to us the correct answer is the winner.

If you win one of the DVD Boxed Sets, we will DM you to get your shipping address. The DVD set will ship on or after April 19th.

Please note, these DVDs sets are only compatible for DVD players if you live in the UK.

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